Plump and juicy, select from farm-fresh, corn-fed chicken as well as turkey and duck. All reared under strict standards, our producers are committed to maintaining high standards of animal welfare and environmental protection, and of course, food safety and hygiene. Farmed in a non-intensive and traditional environment, excellent quality meat is guaranteed.


The majority of our chicken is farmed in the UK to ensure the freshest supply possible. Our expert butchers prepare whole roasts, portions and convenience cuts of corn-fed, fresh or smoked chicken, as well as our very popular specialities like chicken olives stuffed with oatmeal, black pudding or haggis and chicken supremes. Also available are packs of frozen steaks, goujons and chicken kebabs, as well as chicken thigh meat, minced chicken and diced chicken.

Barbary Duck

Barbary Duck also known as Muscovy ducks, these birds are leaner than other breeds of farmed ducks. Renowned for their plump and firm meat.

Increasingly popular during the winter months, we offer beautifully textured and flavourful fresh whole duck, or traditionally smoked duck breast as well as duck legs, liver and duck fat. Most of our duck is sourced from the UK and not farmed.


Traditionally reared and fed on a natural diet, turkey is available whole (stags or hens), or specially prepared by our butchers. Select from premium cuts of turkey legs, breasts or crowns, boned and rolled ready for roasting as well as diced or minced convenience cuts.