The true taste of Scotland. We specialise in selling a stunning variety of this classic dish together with an inspiring range of savoury puddings common to Scotland and beyond.

Our naturally skinned haggis comes in varieties of 1lb to 6lb each, ranging from smaller portions to a bumper-sized meal-provider of Burns Supper dimensions. Haggis is renowned throughout the world as a world class food item. We have vegetarian options and haggis puddings of 5 and 8 ounces for an everyday consumption of high-quality nourishment and mouth-watering taste.

A Real World-Beater

Our haggis is stocked with the finest Scottish sheep sausage meat and is a guaranteed winner with with neeps and tatties and a generous measure of your finest Scotch Whisky.

Our puddings comprise several high-quality varieties that can be enjoyed with a wide variety of accompaniments. Our white and black puddings offer a delicious concoction of blooded and unblooded suet, oatmeal, onions and spices. We also have a scrumptious cast of red puddings and polony rolls, with delicious stuffings of several traditional types: oatmeal stuffing; sausage, sage and onion stuffing; and cranberry and sausage stuffing.