At McWilliam, you could say we like to ham it up big style. We offer a truly dynamic selection of cooked and cured meats that incorporate popular varieties and specialities from Britain and beyond.

100% Quality

We import Parma Ham and pancetta from Italy, frankfurters from Germany and chorizo sausages from the Iberian Peninsula. Closer to home, our roast beef guarantees the highest standard in quality and taste, as do our other popular offerings of corned beef, chopped pork and our shaved cooked turkey which contains 100% real turkey meat.

An Awe-Inspiring Range of Hams

We have an awe-inspiring range of hams suitable both for gourmet presentations or traditional hearty family meals. Our honey roast ham has been coated with honey of the most exquisite, mouth-watering sweetness while our country style ham has been salt-cured and smoked to maximum levels of unbeatable gustation. Our smoked and lightly smoked varieties can be enjoyed both hot and cold depending on the occasion or your preference.

We round things off with our truly flavoursome gala pie, a regular tour-de-force of taste sensations which is as much a culinary delight as a bona fide stomach-filler.