Beef, lamb, pork, venison and chicken – a huge choice of fantastic tasting burgers, fresh made, from 100% prime meat. We supply the finest cuts, both meaty and lean, available in 2oz to 8oz sizes, from hand-pressed and gourmet burgers to frozen burger packs with additional flavours to enhance the taste.

Choice and Quality

Choose from a range that includes our special recipe pork and apple and chilli burgers as well as our butchers’ choice steak and venison burgers.

Buns for Burgers

Our range of buns will satisfy every taste for every kind of burger we sell. Try our super soft salad baps for a healthy mix of burger with salad. We also have seedless and seeded buns to suit your preference. For a more Continental touch, we offer thaw and serve baguettes and petit pains and, for an American twist, try our hot dog buns for your special combo of würstel, bun and mustard dressing.

Perfect for all occasions of indoor eating and (when the sun shines) for barbecues and special occasions outside. Baked to the very highest standards of excellence.

We also stock and supply grated cheddar and sliced cheddar cheese.