Beef (Bone In)

Top quality beef, with the added flavour that comes from leaving on the bone.

The quality of beef that consumers expect has never been higher. G. McWilliam butchers take care to prepare our cuts of beef to the highest standard; always to order and always fresh. The difference in the taste speaks for itself.

Bone-in beef cuts are some of the most tender when cooked; cook in a pan, on a grill or slow-roast for unparalleled taste and texture.

Taste, Quality and Flavour

Select from sirloin roast, rib roast, boiling beef or beef bones for making a fabulous beef stock or beef broth.

The sensational sirloin roast both looks impressive and tastes fantastic – both tender and flavoursome. However, if you’re looking for flavour, the rib roast has to be your choice.

Portion Controlled Beef

We are also able to supply portion controlled beef, from fillet steaks and sirloin steaks to T-bone, minute and braising steaks.

Portion-Controlled Beef

We are also able to supply portion controlled beef, from centre cut fillet steaks, sirloin steaks & Ribeye Steaks plus T-bone, minute steak and braising steak that can be cut to your specification by our Master butchers.

Purpose-built, Modern Production Facilities

Our production capabilities provide accurately portioned cuts, packaged to the highest specifications, while our butchers are able to accommodate any requirement for hand-cut, custom proportioned products.

Beef (Boneless)

We source our beef from only the best beef producers; tender and full of flavour, our beef is assured for its quality and taste.

From whole fresh fillets and fillet medallions to rolled brisket, round steaks and steak mince; all beef cuts are trimmed by our experts to an excellent standard.